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Voices for Freedom launched in December 2020. We are a non political grassroots organisation which has generated a strong network of supporters and volunteers across NZ. 

We provide a platform for relevant and important questions to be raised. We speak up for those who feel silenced and we stand strong against the heavy censorship of any view that opposes the narrow government and media narrative.

We are focused on protecting New Zealander’s fundamental human rights with a particular focus on freedom of speech, health and medical freedom and all freedoms under attack from an over zealous and oppressive Covid-19 response.

Voices For Freedom is concerned about the heightened levels of anxiety reported in the community following the increase in misinformation and disinformation being spread by mainstream media over the past year. 

Collectively, this increase generates fear and the potential for irrational responses. When operating from a perspective of irrational fear, the possibility for ill-informed, rushed health-related decision-making increases, especially when people are under the illusion that they have no choice.

YOU can make a difference.

Our freedoms and wholesome Kiwi way of life are being stripped away from us.

If we continue on the current course, our children’s future will look very different from the one we dreamed of, and they will pay the price for the rest of their lives.

Alone you may feel helpless, but together we are mighty and together we will tackle the issues one by one.

Covid19: An Alternative Response

We campaign for an alternative strategy for COVID-19 than that employed by the New Zealand government and, in particular, we support:

– A balanced response to Covid-19 that effectively serves our most vulnerable, as well as respecting the rights of the broader population.

– A New Zealand specific approach to Covid-19 focused on true health and personal empowerment (minus the use of scare tactics, dangerous lockdowns, ineffectual face-coverings, and rushed and experimental medicines as the only solution)

– Honesty, sound science, true government transparency, a proper health response (including measures to improve overall population health), and the freedom for New Zealanders to choose what is right for themselves and their families without facing discrimination.

Why we are different? And other questions.

Covid-19 Vaccine and Employment Law | Guest Post

Covid-19 Vaccine and Employment Law | Guest Post

by Ashleigh Fechney I want to be clear: I will be getting the COVID-19 vaccine. This post is not about whether people should get the COVID-19 vaccination, and it is not intended to create discussions regarding the legitimacy of the COVID-19 vaccination. This post is...

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On Being Selfish

On Being Selfish

Someone sent Voices For Freedom this short animation today. We feel is very much sums up our shared mood for a Monday morning in a wacky world where our Prime Minister has just said (after months of marketing the vaccine as being "to protect your whanau") that she...

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