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Voices for Freedom is a shared space for questioning minds – for people whose intuition detects something’s amiss. A place where we can have courageous conversations, minus the censorship. 

We are a non political organisation focused on protecting New Zealander’s fundamental human rights with a particular focus on freedom of speech, health/medical freedom and all freedoms under attack from an over zealous and oppressive Covid-19 response.

We value open, truthful discussion of the facts in order to engage and educate curious minds. Here at Voices we seek to empower future leaders with the skills and connections needed to be well-informed; to stand strong and have the confidence to ask the hard questions.

We also endeavour to provide a safe zone for those at the beginning of their journey to access appropriate information and to be part of a genuinely supportive community focused on growth. 

We want to find and share the stories of everyday awesome New Zealanders as well as the experience and opinion of experts in the fields of science, medicine, business and more.

Together we can inspire change through conscious action!

Claire, Libby and Alia


We’re Claire, Alia & Libby

We’re three passionate kiwi mums intent on making sure our beautiful country remains a safe and free place for our families and friends.
Between us, we have a ton of skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm that we bring to Voices for Freedom.

Our goal is to amplify the often-silenced voices who dare to speak up and tell the truth, even when their voices shake. And, we will strive to create an environment that fills us all with the courage to stand strong and speak out.



Medsafe’s Pfizer Report Raises Serious Alarm Bells

Medsafe’s Pfizer Report Raises Serious Alarm Bells

Last week Medsafe gave provisional consent to the new, experimental COVID vaccine from Pfizer for New Zealand. The rollout is set to begin in late March, with frontline staff being first in the queue. Many Kiwis, along with our PM and the usual cohort of "experts" and...

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Meet-up online & in person

A wise woman once said, “When you stand up in front of the whole world unafraid to express your truth, you clear an easier path for others to do the same.” 

Here at Voices we believe this to be true. Courage and strength comes from a variety of places, one of which is being with like-minded others. When we are together – supporting one another and sharing experiences and ideas – we can achieve so much more, and have fun along the way!

Our censorship-free online forum is in development, and will be one part of something bigger – our community groups!  If you’d like to help to set up a group in your neighbourhood or town, please get in touch.


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