Claire, Alia & Libby from Voices For Freedom chat with Dr Alison Goodwin about her passion for lifestyle medicine and her thoughts on New Zealand’s Covid-19 response.
We discuss the significant challenges Alison sees for our health care system, her thoughts on how we can do better and in particular how we could focus on more basic health principles (good nutrition, sleep, sunshine etc) to bring about significant change. We also get Alison’s thoughts on the NZ response to Covid – especially looking at lockdowns and the (lack of) cost/benefit analysis.
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Time Stamps of the interview:
0:27 Welcome Alison, her background, medical training, and career.
4:37 What is lifestyle medicine, how it differs from other disciplines such as functional medicine, and it’s benefits.
6:40 Reversing illness, the allopathic approach, inherent problems in the system and society around the relationship between nutrition and health.
8:48 The lack of proper “health response” in 2020, particularly sugary drinks, and the allocation of government funds.
10:38 If Alison was Director of Health – her advice to make a difference to the immune system, good dietary and lifestyle approaches, including social connection.
14:06 Discussing the need to stimulate the immune system, particularly concerning mild childhood infections, and the effect of avoiding natural immunity.
15:48 Vitamin D, its role in health and using supplements.
18:52 Vitamin C, its role in health and using supplements.
19:23 Zinc, its role in health and using supplements.
20:45 What’s been happening among the NZ medical community about the response to Covid in 2020, NZ’s response in prior pandemics, and discussions between Doctors and the Ministry of Health about the response NZ is taking.
28:04 Who is counting the health cost of the lockdowns, and weighing up the cost of lives lost to Covid vs Lockdown. Avenues for doctors to ask questions, OIA responses to similar questions, and receiving advice from the government is subject to no professional public debate.
33:06 The potential impact of Doctors standing up and speaking out together, and the challenges of having a differing opinion.
35:31 Thoughts on the proposed Covid vaccines and some concerns from a Doctors perspective, particularly around proper informed consent, safety and fertility, and the placebo group in trials. 
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Alia, Claire & Libby xx