Are you feeling the need for a chat with likeminded peeps who understand that lockdown is a terrible idea? Yep, us too.

Well, we’ve had a fantastic idea! We’re going to beam down into your living room and keep you company. We’re thrilled to announce:  Lockdown TV!

We’ll chat with experts from all over the world who’ll share their perspectives about Covid. We’re hoping the episodes will be a welcome panacea from the propaganda fed to us by mainstream media. 

We’ll talk about:

– how the current response is really hitting jobs in New Zealand;

– the facts we’re not being told about the Covid-19 vaccines;

– how SARS-Cov-2 may have been in NZ for much longer than anyone admits;

– why PCR tests aren’t fit for purpose when it comes to Covid-19;

– who really should be making decisions about how we manage this virus;

– New Zealand’s lockdown story;

– and much, much more.

Join us on Facebook (while we’re still there?) for the live chats. When there is time, we’ll put your questions in the chat to our experts to answer, and store the replay on our website.