Youth Sports & Activities Survey

A need has arisen in NZ to create alternative sports and extra-curricular organisations. Voices for Freedom is pleased to be able to help facilitate the development of these new community-focused groups.

Initially, we are especially eager to assist with helping set up groups for those aged 18 and under.

Please enter your details below and select the city or town closest to where you live. (Spend some time on this to ensure you do pick the closest so as to save time later on needing to make changes.)

Select the appropriate sports/activities for your child(ren) and let us know if you are able to assist with admin, coaching, managing and/or helping locate or provide a venue for the sport.

We will identify those persons that look to be best suited/qualified to assist with admin and will also work with our local coordinators in the local groups to get groups up and running in local and/or national settings.

Please note we are all very busy so whilst we will endeavour to get things started as soon as possible we do ask for your patience.

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